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Our Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy at Andon Aesthetics is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies and protocols with the highest standard of service. Central to our approach is the doctor-patient relationship, built on the foundation of mutual trust. At Andon Aesthetics, our paramount objective is to guarantee that our patients not only feel safe but also truly heard, with their needs comprehensively understood. We aspire to ensure that every patient departing from Andon Aesthetics experiences a profound rejuvenation, leaving with a newfound lease on life. 


Dr. Gregory Andonian is a husband, father, and dedicated physician. After graduating from AUC, he went on to do his residency at Union Hospital in Family Medicine. Since completing his residency, Dr. Gregory has been serving as a hospitalist physician in multiple hospitals in Los Angeles County. While continuing to serve the community, Dr. Andonian also achieved Board Certification from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. He has always had a passion to help individuals feel their best. This has always been the goal with medicine. The challenges he faces every day in the hospitals is the extent of his help. No one ever wants to be in the hospital. The situations are often heavy and life threatening. Working in the hospital is rewarding but not without challenges. 


Dr. Andonian wanted to find another outlet to help and impact people positively and immediately. Aesthetics is an entirely different arena from the hospital. He is able to help people almost immediately and this level of impact is hard to come by. 


For Dr. Andonian, aesthetics isn’t just about refining any imperfections, but it’s about being able to truly transform people’s perception of themselves, empowering them to be bolder and more themselves. 


My name is Dr. Gregory Andonian, and I started Andon Aesthetics because feeling confident in how you look can have such a deep impact on someone's life. When you're confident, you can you stand taller, take greater chances, believe in yourself, maybe even ask for that promotion. My mission is to make sure my patients get the greatest level of service that will help them look and feel better in their lives. To help someone go from feeling insecure about their acne scars or lines on their face, to walking out of my office feeling like a movie star is one of the greatest feelings I've experienced as a physician.


Gaia is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who earned her Master’s Degree from UCLA. The transition from an Aesthetic Registered Nurse to a Nurse Practitioner has proven to be immensely rewarding, providing her with an advanced understanding of aesthetic medicine.


With a special love for aesthetic procedures that enhance natural beauty and boost confidence levels, Gaia specializes in a diverse range of aesthetic interventions, including injectables, skin, hair, and laser treatments. Her dedication is focused on magnifying and rejuvenating individuals' beauty.


Gaia believes in investing in continued education to provide the latest and best evidence-based treatments to her patients. Practicing safely and prioritizing quality care are foundational principles in her approach to healthcare.



Jennylynn Orquiola is an experienced Certified Aesthetic Registered Nurse with a background in an acute medical surgical setting at UCLA, bringing a heightened sense of punctuality to the field of Aesthetics. Her enduring passion for Aesthetics led her to undergo training at the prestigious American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.


Specializing in the art of beautifying skin and hair through injectables and laser treatments, Jennylynn actively invests in her education to stay abreast of the latest and upcoming treatments. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge, ensuring her clients benefit from cutting-edge advancements in the field.

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